About the Lab

Our mission is to understand how individual difference impacts language, and specifically, vocabulary learning outcomes. We investigate individual differences by studying individuals with various levels of language learning capacity (i.e., typical learners and learners with language impairment) and individuals with various linguistic backgrounds (i.e., monolinguals and bilinguals). Through these investigations, we aim to better understand the contribution of both learner-internal and learner-external factors to language development.

The Language Learning and Bilingualism Lab is located in the Lake Austin Center (LAC2.426, 2.428) at 3001 Lake Austin Blvd. A one-way mirror between these two adjacent rooms allows parents and research assistant to observe ongoing experiments. Child-friendly decorations make it a welcoming environment for young participants. The lab is outfitted with state-of-the-art audio and video recording equipment. Two Dell workstations are available for running computerized experiments that interface with a voice- or touch-activated response box. Two additional Dell workstations are available in room 2.420, a shared space where students work on transcription and data analysis.

The Language Learning and Bilingualism Lab is under the direction of Dr. Li Sheng.

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